Cub Scout Pack 598 is chartered by St. John Vianney Catholic Church in Houston Texas. We are members of the Mustang District of the Sam Houston Area Council. Each year our Pack participates in the the fun and adventure of two camping events, our Pinewood Derby and Cub Scout Day Camp plus many others. We also participate in community service projects like Souper Bowl of Caring and the St John Vianney Bazaar.   Again - Welcome to our website. We hope you enjoy your visit.

If you would like information on joining our Pack, please feel free to contact our Cubmaster, Dean Dominy, at 713-294-3840  or by email at deandominy@hotmail.com with any questions.

Cub Scouting is said to be "Fun with a Purpose"!   Pack 598 is a great place to develop the character traits of Responsibility & Leadership, while enjoying all of the fun parts of the Scouting Program.

Cub Scout Ranks

Lion Cubs - Kindergarten Boys

Boys who join Pack 598 while in kindergarten work toward earning their Lion badge.All activities are done with an adult partner (usually the scout’s parent or grandparent). Adventures required for boys to earn their Lion badge include:
  • Lion's Honor
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Fun on the Run!
  • King of the Jungle
  • Mountain Lion

Lions and their families are welcome at all pack events including Pinewood Derby and camp outs. They also meet as a den, which is a smaller group, once or twice a month.

Tiger Cubs - First Grade Boys

First grade scouts are part of a Tiger den. Like the Lions, all Tigers participate in scouting activities along with their adult partners. Adventures required for boys to earn their Tiger badge include:

  • Games Tigers Play
  • My Tiger Jungle
  • Team Tiger
  • Tiger Bites
  • My Family’s Duty to God
  • Tigers in the Wild

Tigers in Pack 598 have fun with their friends and also learn about community service through participation in events like Scouting for Food and the annual church bazaar.

Wolf Cubs - Second Grade Boys

Boys in the second grade are Wolves. This rank allows them to gain both skills and independence. Required adventures for them are:
  • Call of the Wild
  • Council Fire
  • Duty to God Footsteps
  • Howling at the Moon
  • Paws on the Path
  • Running With the Pack

In addition to den and pack activities, boys at this stage begin learning how to honor the American flag and participate in a color guard.

Bear Cubs - Third Grade Boys

Third grade Cub Scouts are part of a Bear den. At this point, many of them have Cub Scouts figured out pretty well but new members are always welcome. Among the Bear requirements are:

  • Baloo the Builder
  • Bear Claws
  • Bear Necessities
  • Fellowship and Duty to God
  • Fur, Feathers, and Ferns
  • Paws for Action

One of the most popular aspects of this year is that boys are taught how to properly use and handle a pocketknife in order to earn their Whittling Chips.

Webelos Cubs - Fourth and Fifth Grade Boys

Fourth and Fifth grade scouts are known as Webelos, short for “We’ll be loyal scouts.” They are allowed to begin wearing the tan and olive green uniforms common among older scouts. They also learn how to set up tents, start campfires, and tie knots. In the fourth grade, Webelos complete the following adventures:
  • Cast Iron Chef
  • Duty to God and You
  • First Responder
  • Stronger, Faster, Higher
  • Webelos Walkabout

In addition to earning individual activity pins, Webelos Scouts can earn the compass points emblem, which is awarded after earning seven activity badges. Metal compass points—east, west, north, and south—are awarded for each four additional activity badges earned.

Arrow of Light - Pinnacle of Cub Scouting

In the fifth grade, Webelos scouts work toward earning the Arrow of Light Award. Requirements for that badge are:
  • Building a Better World
  • Duty to God in Action
  • Outdoor Adventurer
  • Scouting Adventure

Webelos learn to be leaders and prepare themselves to become Boy Scouts at the end of fifth grade. Scouts who have earned the Arrow of Light award have also completed all requirements for the Boy Scout Badge.